Personal Financial Planning

We help you identify right instruments matching your goals whether it is mutual funds, insurance policies, home loan advisory, stocks or debt instruments. Pickgrowth is one stop shop for all your financial transactions and maintain records including nominee information.

Mutual Fund Investments

Invest in top mutual funds investment plan in 5 minutes time. PickGrowth helps you identify right mutual funds to meet your targets.


Insurance is a means of protection from financial loss. PickGrowth helps you identify right insurance plans, be it, health, motor or life, and buy in 10 minutes.

Stock Advisory

Businesses are here to stay and stock markets exist as long as businesses exist. PickGrowth helps you leverage your risks and invest right amounts in best stocks.

“Pickgrowth team helped me grow my wealth rapidly than ever. I was not much familiar with Mutual funds they helped me shape my futue, Thank you!”

Sankar Sahu

Software Engineer, Bengaluru

"Masters of finace management! I just gave my income details and they came with awesome Investement plans which I never imagined possible. A bug thank you, PickGrowth!"

Imtiaz Khan

Architect, Hyderabad

"I picked the right solution to manage my taxes, PickGrowth! You guys are amazing. Thanks, keep up the good work!"

Vinod Swammy

IT Project Manager, Bengaluru

"I was worried where to invest, which mutual fund to buy for my kids education. I reached out to Pickgrowth team and they helped me investing and I have already gained good returns!"

Suresh shetty

HR Manager, Hyderabad

"Just subbmited IT proof, thanks for PickGrowth this year. I have started few insurances schemes and ELSS funds that helped me save taxes. PickGrowth helped me seamlessly pick the best one specific to my income. Thanks PickGrowth!"


Business Analyst, Bengaluru

I was always interested to trade in stock market at the sametime worried about risks associated with it. PickGrowth team helped with a great trading experince. Thanks!


IT Analyst, Bangalore

Buying Insurances is such a mess in India, so many are there to buy from and very tough to decide the good one. I reached out to Pickgrowth team and they suggested me best health insurance for my family.

Sowmya Nattarajan

Test Analyst, Hyderabad

How to make better retirement plans

Retirement is a promise of development. Retirement is going to cost hugely for country like India also in coming years, where most of the population is in 25-50 age group. No matter whats your age now and when are you going to retire in 5 or 20's unavoidable plan for everyone. Plan well & live well when needed.

Investement motivation

Great moves starts with small moves. Focus on process or journey. #right practices always rewards in long term. #Befocus #pickgrowth

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